Through research, design and collaboration, Evergreen moves sustainable city building ideas into action. The Muskoka Brewery & Evergreen Fresh Water Grant Project empowers three non-profit organizations to restore native plants in riparian, wetland and shoreline areas, collect water quality data points, and engage the public in the care of local water systems. Muskoka Brewery will donate $40,000 to Lake Ontario Waterkeeper, Muskoka Conservancy and Ottawa Riverkeeper over three years to help fund their projects and realize a shared goal of stewarding 6,300 km2 of watershed, engaging 300 volunteers and planting 50 native plants. Muskoka Brewery employees, along with the public, participate in grant program events as citizen scientists, sampling and evaluating water quality, removing invasive plant species and restoring biodiversity by planting native plant species.


The Ontario Craft Brewers Association consists of 60+ brewers dedicated to making great tasting beer, right here in Ontario. The reason we got together is to promote our fresh, natural, quality beer and agree on a commitment to excellence that everyone has to live up to. The strength of Ontario Craft Brewers is based on a passion to rekindle and keep alive the spirit of traditional brewing. Throughout history, breweries have been an integral part of their local communities and the beer produced has reflected the pride, passion and personality of the brewer and the community.


Muskoka Brewery and The Poverty Reduction of Muskoka Planning Team (PROMPT), are pleased to announce that Muskoka Brewery has become the first Ontario certified Living Wage employer and the first Canadian brewery to adopt a living wage for its employees. Different from the minimum wage, a living wage is based on the principle that full time work should provide families a basic level of economic security above the poverty line. The living wage calculation includes the cost of living in the local community and social inclusion. The result is a decent quality of life and the ability to live healthier lives.


We are happy to constantly support our local communities across Ontario through donations and sponsorships to many different charitable initiatives.

Community Charity Outreach 2017:

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