Draught: 12oz  $5.25   •   16oz  $6.25 

Can Pours: 355ml $6.76   •   473ml  $7

Flights (3 x 5oz):  Flight Favourites $6.75   •   Custom $7.50   •   Extra 5oz $2.75


Tread Lightly • Light Lager • 4% • IBU: 17
Light and refreshing with subtle malt sweetness and mild citrus notes. Order an Octoberfest food item and save $1 off a pint of Tread Lightly!

Craft Lager • Lager • 4.8% • IBU: 13
Crisp and refreshing with notes of honey and graham cracker. Finish is clean and light.

Cream Ale • English Pale Ale • 5% • IBU: 20
Our flagship beer. An easy-drinking, malt-backbone beer with caramel and toffee notes to balance the mild bitterness of Cascade hops.

Detour • India Session Ale • 4.3% • IBU: 30
Slightly bitter hops balance sweet, fruity aromas. Subtle citrus flavours with a dry finish.

A Lion’s Tale • Belgian Blonde Ale • 6.5% • IBU: 21
This beer’s appearance mimics its namesake, pouring a sandy gold like a lion’s mane, with a creamy white head. The aroma is lightly earthy with a light grainy sweetness.
Upon taking a sip, flavours manifest such as citrus, honey, clove, allspice, and white peppercorn with notes of white bread, and golden pastries layered in. Highly effervescent,

this Belgian Blonde has a creamy texture, dry finish, and mild warming.

Trailblazer • Golden Ale • Rally • 4.9% • IBU: 25
A refreshing unfiltered ale formulated with salts and blackcurrant for a highly electrolytic beer.

Extra Mile (can pour) • Session IPA • Rally • 3.5% • IBU: 30
This Session IPA is citrusy, crisp and crushable. Brewed with citra and centennial hops this IPA is here to keep you on track and ready to go that Extra Mile.

Backcountry (can pour) • Session Lager • Rally • 4.0%
An ultra-light lager brewed with Vancouver Island Sea Salts to be crisp, refreshing & perfect for toasting all life’s great adventures.

Drifter Hazy Pale Ale (can pour) • American Pale Ale • 5.6% • IBU: 30
Using a blend of Chinook, Simcoe and Citra hops, this citrusy hazy pale ale will refresh you with its light body and sweet malt backbone.

Peach of Mind (can pour) • Peach Kolsch • 4.6% • IBU 25
The perfect summer drink- this fruited kolsch is a refreshing and thirst-quenching ale with bright flavours of fresh peach juice and passionfruit notes, with a lively carbonation and clean finish


Hazed and Confused • Juicy IPA • 6.5% • IBU: 52
Fruity hop aroma and a juicy citrus kick. A sweet, malt profile imparts a soft, silky mouthfeel, while the hops bring a bold juiciness.

Mad Tom • West Coast IPA • 6.4% • IBU: 45
Dry-hopped with Chinook and Centennial for vibrant aromas and notes of resinous pine. Finishes dry with a bold, citrusy undertow.

Twice as Mad • Imperial IPA • 8.4% • IBU: 71 (Can pours currently)
Strong citrus flavours evolve into herbal pine notes. The elevated ABV softens the hop bitterness and creates a lingering warmth.


Winter Beard • Double Chocolate Cranberry Stout • 8% • IBU: 20
Rich and full-bodied with dominant flavours of chocolate, cranberries and subtle notes of coffee. Finish is quick and smooth.


Ebb & Flow: The Original (can pour) • Raspberry, Lemon & Yuzu • 5% • IBU: 5
Sweet raspberry balances a moderately sour body while lemon and yuzu impart tartness and a citrus twist.

Ebb & Flow: Five Alive • 5% • IBU: 6
The latest edition in our Ebb & Flow sour series is bursting with all kinds of citrus and a hint of nostalgia. With hints of citrus, lemon, grapefruit, tangerine and lime, you are sure to be
transported back to the days of  before.

Brewer’s Tap • ?.?% • IBU: ??
From time to time we test out new beers and variations, looking for your feedback. Past Brewer’s Tap features include a new Tropical IPA recipe, a Nitro version of our classic Cream Ale,
and our Winterbeard Nitro Latte Stout. Ask our staff what we have brewing!


Try our new sparkling vodka seltzers! Light-bodied and refreshingly carbonated with full aromatics and an unsweetened, gentle flavour.

100 calories 5%  0g sugar

Pineapple & Raspberry

Peach & Blackcurrant (can pour)

Lemon & Field Berry (can pour)

Coconut & Lime (can pour)

 Passionfruit & Guava (can pour)


Dry Run • Pale Ale • Rally • 0.3% • $2.95

Veer • Lime Lager • 0.5% • $3.11

Muskoka Wandr • Fruited Tea • 0.3% • $2.95 (Contains Barley)


Gutsy Wandr
Refreshing and mildly tart tea-based beverage brewed with hibiscus, strawberry, mango and ginger to help aid in digestion. Carbonated and very quenching

Lively Wandr (Contains caffine)
A very tasty and refreshing beverage with lots of peach and blueberry notes, and adding match to give you that lively boost throughout the day

Mindful Wandr
A nice drink for any time of day, this drink contains lemon, lemongrass, lemon peel and orange peel giving it a crisp, slightly fruity taste

Hitchhiker Lemonades & Iced Teas 473mL Bottle • $4.50
All-natural lemonades and ice teas made with love in Guelph!
Iced Tea Flavours: Casual Traveller Lemon, Peach

Lemonade Flavours: Original, Raspberry


Beer Dip w/ Warm Pretzels   $16.75
Warm pretzels served alongside our signature three-cheese Cream Ale beer dip. All craftedy Bracebridge’s own Fresh Kutz. Add an extra pretzel for $4.

Charcuterie Board    $18.75
A selection of salami and cured meats from Fresh Kutz right here in Bracebridge. Boards are garnished with cheese, pickles, olives, and a side of Mad Tom Grainy Dijon mustard.

Chips & Salsa  $8.50
Neal Brothers Deep Blue and Natural Organic tortilla chips served with a side of mild or habanero Neal Brothers Salsa.

Potato Chips  $3.75
Rotating flavours of chips from Kettle and Neal Brothers. Ask for our current lineup!



$18 – A selection of salami and cured meats garnished with an assortment of pickles and finished with a grainy Dijon and beer mustard.

Beer Pairing: Mad Tom IPA


$16 – A savory, warm blend of cheeses and Cream Ale served with a warm pretzel.

Beer Pairing: Ebb & Flow

Our food menu is proudly provided by Fresh Kutz Market & Grill

All prices are subject to HST.


$6.25 draught | $6.75 can pour


Detour India Session Ale
Tread Lightly
Cream Ale
Craft Lager


Mad Tom IPA
Hazed & Confused Juicy IPA
Twice As Mad Imperial IPA


Hollow Cane
Fashionably Late

Peach & Blackcurrant
Pineapple & Raspberry
Field Berry & Lemon
Lime & Coconut


We’ve got Neal Brothers and Kawartha Dairy on deck for a quick solution to cure those hunger pangs. Looking for salt and savoury? Try Neal Brothers all natural Cheese Puffs or pick up a couple chip bags like Pure Pink Sea Salt, Sriracha, and Sweet & Smoky BBQ. Satisfy your sweet tooth, and share a small tubs of irresistibly decadent ice cream made by our friends at Kawartha Dairy: Black Raspberry Thunder, Mint Chip, French Vanilla, Moose Tracks and Pralines & Cream.

Cream Ale glass beside Kawartha Dairy Pralines and Cream
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