Docker pulled out of cooler.

Docker Gin & Tonic

Small Batch Distilled

New & Improved: We’ve listened to our customers and have come back with a 5% ABV Docker that has less cucumber, less tonic and an extra squeeze of lime for a more balanced, refreshing flavour.

Muskoka Spirits Docker blends our Legendary Oddity Gin with a refreshing twist of citrus and cucumber for a dry, light flavour.  The unique golden hue is a good thing, a result of our all-natural tonic made with real cinchona bark by the folks at Porter’s Tonic.  All-natural means you may see some sediment in your glass, so best pouring practice is to agitate your can slightly before pouring. Perfect for sipping dockside with friends, either straight from the can or splashed over ice.

Docker facts updated


Craft Beer Awards
STYLE: Ready to Drink Gin & Tonic ABV: 5.0%
AROMA: Fragrant, fresh cucumber and citrus
FLAVOUR:  Effervescent with a refreshing twist of cucumber and lime with a slight crisp bitterness
FINISH: Dry with subtle sweetness


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